About Atlas Drug & Nutrition Compounding Pharmacy

Anthony Ortiz RPH, CCN

Anthony Ortiz RPH, CCN
Anthony Ortiz RPH, CCN

A 1980 graduate from Long Island University’s A & M S College of Pharmacy,Brooklyn, NY. After working for a series of chain stores and a couple of local independents, Tony purchased Atlas Drug in 1990. The store was renovated in 1999 taking over the existing card shop next to the pharmacy and Atlas Drug and Nutrition was born.

Tony became interested in nutrition while attending a seminar given by Dr. Michael Murray. He has integrated conventional medicine with complementary nutrition.

Diet, exercise and lifestyle modifications are Tony’s keys to a much healthier patient.


He has completed certification courses in compounding, asthma education, home healthcare and various nutrition certifications. In 2004, Tony became a board certified licensed clinical nutritionist from International & American Association of Clinical Nutrition(IAACN)

Vincent Junior

Vincent Junior
Vincent Junior

Vincent was born and raised in North Bergen.

He has been working at Atlas Drugs since January 2002. In 2007, he attended PCCA’s Primary training course.

He enjoys the professionalism and the atmosphere that working in the lab brings. In 2009, Vincent became a Certified Compound Technician.

Along with Eric, Julie and Sergio, Vincent helps keep the compounding department running smoothly and efficiently.




Our Mission at Atlas Drug & Nutrition

staffWe believe that knowledge can be empowering. The more we understand our bodies and the mechanisms that cause injuries, the more committed we become to getting better.

As a pharmacist, our extensive training in biochemistry, allows us the ability to examine disease. As a clinical nutritionist, we can target nutrients and suggest diets that are involved with gene expression and ultimately protein formation. You can alter the path to disease, years before it can develop.

Our pharmacy is devoted to educating you about your body, how it works and how to heal it. We believe in working with our patients as partners, to learn from each other in our journey together to maximize health.

“The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patient in the care of the human frame, in diet and in cause and prevention of disease.” Thomas Edison

Your treatment plan may include dietary recommendations, nutritional supplements, lifestyle modification, evaluation of current drug therapy and consultation with your current Physician or Practitioner.

We assess treatment plans holistically, functionally and naturally. The initial stage of therapy includes an evaluation and treatment plan. Follow-up, reevaluation, treatments and patient education are the focal points of the secondary phase. The final stage of therapy involves the patient reclaiming control over their health. We continue to provide assistance and support to all of our patients through the process of becoming aware of their role in maintaining health.

We at Atlas Counseling, view coaching as an integral part of our road to healthy living. Discovering and understanding how diet and life-style affects one’s well being is only the beginning. We follow through with implementing a plan of action, working through the inevitable changes and obstacles that arise. Keeping you focused on your needs, values and vision. Coaching occurs during our regular sessions by telephone and/or in person, whichever is most convenient. You bring ideas or problems to the session and we provide unconditional support, honest feedback, and insight to help propel you into action. Atlas Counseling will empower you to act on what you want to be, do and have.

All Third-Party Plans Accepted

We Bill Worker’s Comp and Medicare